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Michael Kellner

Michael Kellner

Managing Director
Michael Kellner

Robert Griga

Managing Director
Christiane Loebke

Christiane Löbke

Member of the Executive Board
Wolfgang Kristl

Wolfgang Kristl

Quality management

The Mowi Brand

Since the Mowi adventure started in 1964 the company has grown and changed in many ways. From its humble beginnings, when a few pioneers started farming fish in their back yards, through to the present day, Mowi has become a global leader in its field. As the company has grown, both organically and as a result of mergers and acquisitions, Mowi has maintained its leading position at the forefront of the aquaculture industry.

At Mowi, we work with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood.


  • Deggendorf
    Laschinger Seafood GmbH - Sales of salmon specialties in Europe, America and Australia
  • Harsum
    Mowi Germany - production site for fresh fish and self-service products since 2014
  • Ustka, Poland
    Mowi Poland S.A. - World market leader in smoked salmon, 4,000 employees produce 60,000 tons annually.
  • Lebork, Poland
    MOWI Lębork Sp. z o.o. - Nearly 500 employees process about 7,000 tons of smoked salmon per year.



Fresh salmon are transported in ice boxes. Taken from the ice, they are rapidly processed to provide fillets for smoking or steaks, constant-weight portions and other products. These are chilled or frozen and packaged ready for despatch.
Fillets are hand trimmed to ensure only the best quality salmon meat is smoked. The trimmings are destined for other uses.
After hand salting and curing in controlled conditions, the fillets are dried to concentrate flavour and optimise the texture. To produce the much-enjoyed smoked salmon, the fillets are cold smoked at 28 °C over beech chippings, then sliced, prepared and packed to match customer specifications. Hot smoking of seasoned portions is at 67 °C. When cool, they are packaged in accordance with customer specifications.
The packaging, which can include herbs and spices, retains freshness and flavour through to the moment it is opened and the salmon is enjoyed.


In 1979 Rudolph Laschinger established a facility to smoke trout at the Birkenthal trout farm in the forest of Bavaria. The company grew but Laschinger was also interested in the ‘king of fish’, the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). In Norway, he learned about breeding and raising these salmon. Soon he was granted a licence for his first salmon farm and successfully grew the business.

The 1990s brought further expansion. Laschinger acquired salmon farms on the Shetland Islands of Scotland and on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. By now, Laschinger had become the brand name in Germany for premium salmon products.

In 2007, the Laschinger company joined Morpol, the world leader in smoked salmon. This greatly strengthened and extended the range of products offered under the Laschinger brand. In 2013, Marine Harvest, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, acquired Morpol together with Laschinger Seafood. This move brought together world leaders in salmon breeding, farming, processing, smoking and further processing. The combination enabled the companies to apply an unbroken value chain focused on quality, sustainability, reliability, food safety and value for money. Control was further enhanced when Marine Harvest invested in producing its own salmon feed.

In 2017 Marine Harvest acquired the Gray Aqua Group and Northern Harvest. Mowi Canada East was established.
In 2018 Marine Harvest was rebranded in Mowi and was launched as the brand Mowi in 2019.






salmon donation to the Donauisar ClinicWe say thank you!

We are happy to donate 100 kilograms of smoked salmon to the employees of the DONAUISAR Clinic Deggendorf as a sign of gratitude.

„Thank you for your special effort in these difficult times", said our managing director Michael Kellner.

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Congratulations to our fish sommelièrsWe congratulate Christiane Löbke, Susanne Zahlauer and Andrea Karrer to their excellently completed education as a fish sommelièr!

You can be very proud, your effort has paid off! Your expertise in sensory and sustainability will improve the quality of our products even further. We would like to express out special thanks to the organization team and the idea provider Ralf Forner. We hope the education as a fish sommelièrr will be continued because it’s a good way to pass on fish-knowledge.



RECIPE OF THE MONTHOmelette with smoked salmon and vegetables

To the recipe of the month



MACKEREL FILLETS; MSC CERTIFIEDA delicacy from sustainable fisheries

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) spent two years reviewing the mackerel fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic. Its verdict: the stocks are sustainably managed.