Gravad salmon

"Gravad" originally means "buried" and refers to the old Scandinavian method of preparing this salmon delicacy: the fresh salmon fillet was laid in a herb-lined hole in the ground and covered with soil.

This method was not only known to drastically improve the shelf life of the salmon, but to create the most delicious of culinary delights.

Today, Gravad salmon is marinated in a pickle of dill, sugar and salt and carefully cut into delicate slices after an appropriate aging period.

With Gravad salmon we recommend a sauce of mustard, honey, lemon and dill, which is included in our products.

»Olive oil-lemon-parmesan«salmon carpaccio

Carpaccio is an Italian appetizer made from raw beef. It was invented in 1950 in Harry’s Bar in Venice by owner Guiseppe Cipriani. According to legend, his regular customer Contessa Amalia Nani Mocenigo had been told by her doctor not to eat cooked meat.
Just like the Bellini cocktail, which was also invented in Venice and named after Giovanni Bellini, a painter of the Venician school known for his powerful use of colour, the red and white Carpaccio was also named after a famous painter: Vittore Carpaccio.

In a modification to Cipriani’s original recipe, we take fresh Atlantic salmon, fillet and salt it before cutting paper-thin, tender slices from the fillet.

To finish, drizzle our vinaigrette over the salmon slices and then sprinkle the grated parmesan cheese around the salmon slices.

Salmon specialties

Salmon lovers really love our salmon specialties. And not without reason, because all four flavours are accompanied by perfectly matched sauces.

  • Pesto with orange and mustard sauce
  • Provencal with orange and mustard sauce
  • Pepper with dill and mustard sauce
  • Tuscan with horseradish cream sauce
  • Creole with chili