Irish organic salmon

Smoked salmon from organic aquaculture in Ireland.
This salmon is a real delicacy of the best consistency, exquisite in taste and unique in colour.

The entire rearing process is subject to strict guidelines and compliance is checked regularly through rigorous inspections carried out by recognised inspection bodies. This applies not only to the conditions in which the fish are kept, but begins with the selection of optimal breeding sites and the origins of the young fish.

The complete checks by external experts are carried out at all stages, from the hatchery to the slaughter, processing, fumigation, packaging, transportation and refrigeration - everything is precisely documented according to a proven quality assurance system in order to guarantee the utmost traceability.

Unprocessed salmon portions

For all fans of marine cuisine, fresh natural salmon fillets are a real treat.

The fresh fillets are cut into skinless, boneless portions and individually wrapped.

You can enjoy this natural product as it comes or refine with spices of your choice.

Norwegian salmon fillet marinated with dill

In Scandinavia, fresh salmon fillets used to be laid in a herb-lined hole in the ground and covered with soil.

It was quickly noticed that this process not only drastically increased the shelf life of the salmon, but also brought out a first-class flavour in the fish.

Today, the salmon fillet is placed in a pickle of salt, sugar and dill and carefully packed after an appropriate maturation period.

Scottish smoked salmon

Cold-smoked salmon from aquaculture in Scotland.

Our product is traditionally cold smoked with beech wood smoke. Before smoking, the fresh salmon fillets are sprinkled with salt. During the maturation process that follows, the salt is slowly pulled into the fillet. This fully develops the fine flavour and allows the filet to retain its top quality consistency.

Then the fillets are carefully cut into delicate slices.

Gravad sockeye

Wild Alaska sockeye salmon is line-caught during a short time window and regulated by strict quotas.

Sockeye salmon impresses with its low fat content, its natural red colour and firm texture. This is then emphasised by gentle cold smoking over beech wood followed by maturation in a marinade of fresh dill.

The result is a refined, healthy wild salmon specialty.

Smoked salmon appetizer

A gourmet appetizer:
these mascarpone and cream cheese stuffed smoked salmon appetizers are excellent as an aperitif.

Rolled crêpes

For connoisseurs:
crêpes filled with smoked salmon, marinated tomatoes and crème fraîche.

Ideal as a starter or as small snacks.

Smoked salmon appetizer

A gourmet appetizer:
these mascarpone and cream cheese stuffed smoked salmon appetizers are excellent as an aperitif.

Salmon tartare

Our tartar of raw salmon, refined with delicious spices, is a particularly special treat.

Enjoy this product as a cold appetizer.

Salmon roulade with scallops

Seafood fans will love our salmon roulade.

Atlantic salmon in a roulade with a filling of scallops and fine vegetables.

Served hot, this product is an absolute delicacy.