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RECIPE OF THE MONTHOmelette with smoked salmon and vegetables

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Certified fish expertWe are proud of Christiane Löbke bearing the title of a fish sommelier

A further educational training for fish sommeliers has been created just recently. Christiane Löbke is now one of only few qualified fish experts with an extensive  knowledge of fish and seafood. The course contained topics such as fish theory, fish history, aquaculture, animal welfare, sustainability and fish, sensor technology and quality, merchandise knowledge in general, fish & human health, quality management and product safety, new technology in fish farming, marketing, practical merchandise knowledge and fish & wine.


MACKEREL FILLETS; MSC CERTIFIEDA delicacy from sustainable fisheries

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) spent two years reviewing the mackerel fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic. Its verdict: the stocks are sustainably managed.



Our fish must not only be delicious, but also safe. That is why we set ourselves the highest quality standards in all aspect of our work.

We guarantee excellence from the catching and rearing of the entire production chain right up to the refrigerated shop display.

You can rest assured: you are purchasing a premium product of the highest quality in both content and taste. A real Laschinger product.

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Laschinger is an ASC, MSC and organic certified salmon producer...
so do not be surprised when our salmon jump especially high.

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We specialise in salmon of all varieties - but that is by no means all we can do. Discover the diversity of the fish range from Laschinger.

Whether smoked or marinated, fried or grilled, in salads or burgers: with salmon you bring variety to your kitchen. Taste guaranteed.

And if you are in the mood for something different, try out our plaice fillets, Alaskan pollock nuggets or cod shapes.

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